Distilling Value From Data

Many distillers are realising from the outset that implementing AI into their decision making has unlimited benefits to the success of their company. Applying AI to private label brands.

Gin distilling. No stranger to AI. 

In 2020, Circumstance Distillery in Bristol launched the World’s first AI created gin, using an artificial Neural Network called “Ginette” which was trained on thousands of botanicals, gin recipes and a database of 500 gin names. The name was AI generated, using a natural language algorithm from US company Open-AI, which created the name Monker’s Garkel. Even the bottle label was AI generated.

It’s a great example of AI innovation and a real headline grabber and so at Smarter.ai we got to thinking about using AI to solve the problems that all gin brands have, like maximizing sales, growing and retaining customers, spotting new trends and understanding what consumers are saying about your products, basically understanding customer, order and marketing data using AI to optimize revenues and costs. 

How it works

Smarter.ai is an online service that allows users to solve common business problems, using pre-built AI models.  Our online store is populated with solutions that help businesses understand their customers, sales and business processes better, through forensic understanding of data.

Transactional ecommerce websites are a trove of usable data, created by systems like Shopify, Google analytics and Klaviyo. This transactional and behavioral data can be linked to other data sources, such as email marketing analytics and social media feeds to build detailed activity profiles. 

With Smarter.ai, users upload this data to the Smarter.ai platform, select the solution they need and run this in a secure and dedicated area of the Smarter studio. From there, they can plug the insight into their campaigns and business processes to dynamically increase performance. 



20 May 2022


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