To bring together the world’s finest AI creators in a single marketplace

All the solutions businesses need to solve complex problems

Our mission is to pool together the world’s finest AI creators in a single marketplace and remove the red tape that businesses face when trying to source AI solutions. With an innovative approach that allows anyone to create and access AI, we strive to provide AI solutions for businesses that give them control over every part of their growth model. Using simple, tested tools, Smarter.ai offers businesses the intel and solutions they need to solve complex problems.
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Everybody wins!

We understand that AI can often feel like a world of smoke and mirrors. Therefore, we’ve ensured that our platform is fully transparent. This high level of accessibility and democratisation makes it possible for businesses to develop solutions quickly, engage in constant innovation, and use state-of-the-art technology that would be otherwise off-limits. Not only does this enable businesses to reduce entropy, but it encourages up-and-coming creators to build stellar reputations by publicising their solutions and models.

In short, everybody wins!

Smarter's platform keeps your solutions fresh

So, whether you’re looking to use sentiment analysis to understand your consumer base in real-time, generate marketing personas, or reach new markets, Smarter’s vibrant platform can connect you with the talent that will keep your solutions fresh and evergreen. Instead of forcing companies to employ teams of data scientists to create new and complex models to tackle problems, our platform gives curious businesses the freedom to build upon their existing technologies at any time.
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We're looking for talented people

At Smarter.ai, we're on the forefront of AI technology and we're looking for talented people who share our passion for making a difference in the world. If you want to be a part of something special, we'd love to hear from you.