This is the overview doco for how works. is NOT:

  • A tool for data-scientists
  • A tool for developers
  • A "Find a consultant" tool
  • GitHub
  • Kaggle IS:

  • A place to put AI/ML Tools (code, datasets, tools, models etc.)
  • A place where others can find and use your Tools (and pay you)

because of this:

  • Creators have to work in a slightly different way to the way they are used to - they have to create 'things' that other people can use
  • The 'things' need to be slightly different than Creators are used to - they have to be re-usable, production ready
  • Consumers have to work in a slightly different way
  • The GUI needs to be done the smarter way - so others can modify it and use parts of it in dashboards

So smarter have created a studio to help with all these things. Use the studio to:

  • Upload your things
  • Tag and price your things
  • Combine other things into your things
  • Create GUIs for your things

3 pillars form the basis of

  • Tools
  • Action Messages
  • Shared Model