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At the heart of the initial blueprint was Francesco. With a longstanding belief that all businesses should have access to the tools they needed to grow effectively, he knew there was work to be done regarding bureaucracy and red tape in the tech industry. Throughout his career working in Venture Capital and investments, he quickly cottoned on to the fact that smaller businesses were stumbling at the same frustrating hurdle: they simply couldn’t access the high-quality artificial intelligence that would take them to the next level.

However, it wasn’t only accessibility to tech that he deemed problematic. After spending years consulting on green technology services, he became acutely aware of climate change and the importance of sustainability for a better future. He knew that artificial intelligence had the power to change the world, but was also aware that the power-intensive GPUs required to train a single machine learning model contributed heavily to global CO2 emissions. So, to improve his approach to sustainable living, he cut out all family visits to Ronald McDonald’s Golden Arches and went vegan.

These were certainly respectable steps forward, but his operator’s gene approach left him wanting to demystify AI for businesses and encourage entire sectors to reduce their carbon footprint. Using his knowledge of how successful businesses grow and develop, Francesco began launching his passion project:

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The revolution has well and truly begun

With innovation, flexibility, and evolution as our core beliefs, we truly believe the sky's the limit. Equally, by driving AI in everything we do as a society, we hope to decipher which models work best for different industries.