Lewis Lovejoy

While Francesco was investing in growth startups, Lewis was making the most of his PhD in Software Architecture Reuse. While working for Reuters, AbnAmro, and Blinkbox, he developed a passion for creating flexible software systems through mega-programming that made buying and selling easy. For Lewis, there was nothing more satisfying than improving marketplaces and making things work.
Following an eye-opening experience at a green data centre in Sweden, Lewis saw that Artificial Intelligence could be made more accessible and sustainable. He felt that letting anyone create AI would allow everyone to stay on the cutting edge. This democratic approach would encourage businesses to constantly innovate and evolve without training their own energy-draining models. With this exciting prospect in hand, he started brainstorming.
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The revolution has well and truly begun

With innovation, flexibility, and evolution as our core beliefs, we truly believe the sky's the limit. Equally, by driving AI in everything we do as a society, we hope to decipher which models work best for different industries.