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Question Answering

Does your business contain documents that can be used for answering your customer's questions?

Instead of having to manually update your tools with formatted Q & As which can take hours and days of work, you can use this solution instead to answer your customers questions in FAQs or chat bots tools. All what you need to do is provide your documents (whether a CSV file, or your own website) and we will extract all the information need to answer your customers questions for you. 

This solution uses Machine Learning to understand the question being asked by your customers and mines the most relevant text and automatically generates answers using Natural Language generation to reply back with text that is nearly indistinguishable from human-written text. 


This solution can be used straight away using smarterai's access token key. However note that the key has limited usage. If you wish to have your own access key with desired access, check openAI's pricing list.
You can easily create an openAI account through this link.

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For examples on how to use it visit:

For more details about models description check:

For OpenAI pricing details visit:


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