Prompt Engineering

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Prompt Engineering

With the power natural language processing and generation, you can now engineer your own prompts that meets your needs.
Do you wish to auto-generate a summary for a large document? Maybe you wish to automatically identify sentiments from a group of text?
Or try out a language translator? Or do you feel adventerous and want to create food recipes? 
You can all of that and many more natural language generation in this solution. 
Prompt Engineering using OpenAI is a powerful AI tool used to generate text that is often indistinguishable from human-generated text. 
It can be used for:
   Sentiment classification
   Named entity and information extraction
   Language Translation
   Converting movies to emojis
  Creating food recipes
And many more..


This solution can be used straight away using smarterai's access token key. However note that the key has limited usage. If you wish to have your own access key with desired access, check openAI's pricing list.
You can easily create an openAI account through this link.

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For examples on how to use it visit:

For more details about models description check:

For OpenAI pricing details visit:

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